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Word Order: Modern Hebrew

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Author(s): Ilani, Noga | Shlomo, Sigal | Goldberg, Dina
1. Standard Word Order in Modern Hebrew In sentences with an overt subject, the normal word order in Modern Hebrew is subject-verb-object (and possibly adverbial), as in העיתונאי הקשיב לסיפור בעניין רב ha-ʿitonay hiqšiv la-sipur be-ʿinyan rav ‘The journalist listened to the story with great interest’. In this sentence the subject is העיתונאי ha-ʿitonay ‘the journalist’, the verb is הקשיב hiqšiv ‘listened’, the object is לסיפור la-sipur ‘to the story’, and the adverbial (of manner) is בעניין רב be-ʿinyan rav ‘with great interest’. Modern Hebrew is thus a subject-verb-object…