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Yě 也 in Excavated Texts

(5,185 words)

Author(s): Marco CABOARA
1. Introduction 也 (OC *lajʔ) is a highly frequent Old Chinese particle first appearing (sporadically) in excavated sources in the fifth century BCE and becoming widely used in fourth century excavated texts on bamboo strips. It follows, most prominently: nominal predicates (1)-(2) and nominal topics (3)-(4), initial clauses (5)-(6) and final clauses (7). In the glosses they will be referred respectively as PRT.NomPred, PRT.NomTOP, PRT.InitCl and PRT.FinCl. They can be either simple nominals (1), (3) or nominalizations (2), (4) and (6). As is very frequent, it often occur…
Date: 2017-03-02