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Metaphor Processing

(2,694 words)

Author(s): Kathleen AHRENS
1. Overview Conceptual metaphors establish a relationship between two concepts, X and Y, which activates a figurative meaning of Y that is different from its literal meaning. For example, in (1) below, although the word gēnjī 根基 literally means ‘base/foundation’, here it refers metaphorically to ‘basis’. Thus, the metaphor has created a relationship between the concepts of IDEAS and BUILDINGS, in that an idea may (or may not) have a valid basis, just as a building may or may not have a strong foundation. 1. 你的論點根基是什麼?   Nǐ     de    lùndiǎn     gēnjī  shì  shénme?   2sg  sub  argument  bas…
Date: 2017-03-02