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Armed Forces (German Empire)

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Author(s): Deist, Wilhelm
Armed Forces (German Empire) In July 1914 the Army of the German Empire numbered 761,000 men, organized in 25 army corps. An additional 79,000 men served in the navy, and 9,000 in the colonial protection force. Those mobilized at the beginning of the war numbered 3.820 million in all, 2.086 million of whom made up the field army, divided into 40 army corps. Thus began a development that, during the years that followed, led to the general, extended mobilization of the German nation’s human resources for war. Some 13 million men served in the forces of the German Reich during the war. These figure…

The Military Strategy of the Central Powers

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Author(s): Deist, Wilhelm
The Military Strategy of the Central Powers The deadly shots fired in Sarajevo brought war within reach of the Central Powers’ military leadership, a war they had long anticipated through many decades of training. The German “blank check” provided Austria-Hungary with the necessary backing for a “punitive expedition” against Serbia but the danger of a Russian intervention as well. Any chance for the swift fait accompli predicted by the Germans was squandered by the lumbering progress of the political a…