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Balance of Payments

(1,365 words)

Author(s): Taube, Markus
The balance of payments (BOP) is a value table for all economic transactions conducted within a certain period of time (usually one year) between residents and foreigners (flow figures). It is divided into various balance sheets: The current account records the import and export of goods, services, and unilateral transfers. The capital account lists changes in foreign ownership of domestic assets. The reserve account reflects changes in the central bank's stock of foreign assets (gold, foreign e…


(2,447 words)

Author(s): Fischer, Doris | Schüller, Margot
1. People's Republic of China …


(2,283 words)

Author(s): Sit, Victor F.S.
Jing 18 counties 15.81 million inhabitants 16,800 km2 941 inhabitants/km2 Beijing is the national capital of the People's R…